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Well, it wasn't all that good, no offence

I hate sprite movies, unless they are done really well, and this one wasn't, The tweening when the dude shoots rockets is too slow, the fact that the sprites look like their floating when they are supposed to be running looks crap, the plot line look liek it was made up in a couple of minutes, which is confusing and irritating

I think your potential is alot higher and you got lazy, please try again cause i know you can do alot better than this, I hope to see more stuff from you in the future


Lol :D

That was funny,

The concept of having a pac man as a actual character was genious, well done on that.

The humor was good, graphics were good, voice overs were good, what else can i say? A very very nicely shaped movie, well done to you.

Its no surprise that this made frontpage


That was very very good

I loved this movie, it was great :D

The graphics were genrally very good, the style was nice and clean, the sounds effect were appropriate and fitting to the movie, There wasn't much violence, but none was needed so that worked well, obviously no interactivity, and the humor, OMG, the humor, im still laughing at it :D

The fact that it is a part series, i wanna see the end now I cant wait for the next one to come out :D

Overall a very nicely made movie with good graphics, good sound, and nice humor


The-Swain responds:

And I'm disappointed that no one praised me for including three...that's right, THREE...different kinds of robots :(

But, thanks for reviewing, and I'm happy to deliver whenever I can.

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This was awesome. Nice orginal idea, nice graphics, nice everything

I especially liked the music :D

Keep up the good work.


go Santa :D

Its about time some one made a awesome santa game :P

The graphics were extremely good, the style was good, the sound was appropriate, though the opening music sounded a bit dodgey, the drum beat didn't match the bells, there was plenty of interactivity, and the humor was good, the concept made me laugh.

The firing rate for his weapons is a bit low, i meam his standard weapon is an AK-47, they dont fire very slowly :P

The explosions looked very good you should be proud of those.

The in game physics were nice and reaslistic and i liked the idea of the gun giving you kick when your air born.

Overall a very nice game, well done to you


I cant stop playing this game

This is very very addictaive game, i have spent many hours playing this game, well done, most games dont entertain me for long, yet this one has.

The graphics were nicely and sharp, the style was very very good, very original idea, the sound effect and music are fitting to the movie, there isn't a whole lot of violence, but really how could there be, its only a rolling snow ball :P , the interactivity was high, and the fact that you can run over stuff made it funny.

Overall a 9/10 for you, well done


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The "old skool" opening is f*&%ing awesome :D

I like the opening, very serene. Sounds great. The drums are very epic as well. The bass is a little too loud though, the kick occasionally clips.The lead instrument is a little sharp as well.

The tune is awesome though. The breakdown is great as well. Very well implemented.

Bloody long song though :P

Probably could shorten it by like 6 minutes, but regardless still flows quite well.

Overall my friend, great job on a new track. Your FL skills have gotten amazing, and your creativity is still strong.

Good work

Your mate,


Woah :D

This sounds mad. Well done, The vocals are awesome, and the lead trance is incredible. You have a real talent for music. I don't understand where "RoyalHardStyle" is coming from. It just sounds like a song, a really good one :D

Well done again my friend :D


Great :D

That's some funky shit my friend, nothing wrong except that the song high frequencies are waaaaaay too high. This could be because im listening on a laptop, but I don't think it is.

Other than my friend, 5/5 10/10, well done :D


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